Showing Our Colors!

Logandale, Nv., United States
Hope you enjoy the site that we made and maybe get a few laughs at our pics and videos. There are a few of us in the family that, at times, do some really dumb stuff. Hang around long enough and you will see. Cya

What's Happening?

We're all ready for seems like we've been going full throttle for the last year. Kellen is working and has a baby boy on the way. He' really into bodybuilding and enjoys doing that. Jairus and Brina are doing very well they have two of the cutest babies, our grand babies...Makana is 2 1/2 and Taitiana is 7 months. They have there own place and seem to be loving it. Haylin loves her nephew and neice. Jax is back with us and we love having him. He and Buck are working hard at making Buck's Services and a new painting company successful. Teisha just graduated and has a full summer planned before she heads off to SUU. What am I gonna do when that happens? She better have a bed for me when I come and visit! Jackson is gearing up for High school and football. He is very talented at playing the trombone. In fact, he was named as one of the musicians of the year. Haylin is going to be in 5th grade! What?! She's a sweetheart to be around. She loves animals more than any person I've been around. Buck is working hard at rebuilding our lives...he's working harder than I think I've ever seen him work and I love him for it. One thing I know about Buck is that he can do whatever he sets his mind to...we'll get there babe! Then there's me, working full time the rest of June and then scaling back over the rest of the summer to be with the kids. We have some summer things planned but mostly trying to get our lives in order...more pictures to come.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Classmates in 2007

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